Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict: Review

February 1, 2016


In 1979 Peggy Guggenheim gave what was to become the last interview of her life. The tapes where then lost, and were long since thought to no longer exist. In 2015, all 100 hours of tapes were unearthed, and the result is this magical documentary exploring the life of Peggy Guggenheim, socialite, bohemian and, above all, art collector.

What we loved most about this documentary was the focus it gave to Guggenheim the collector. She was, quite simply, the most brilliant
tastemaker and buyer of art in this past century, responsible for, on by no means the boldest budget, building the careers of a quite brilliant cast; Kandinsky, Rothko and Pollock among them. Convention-busting and self-taught, her radical eye and outlandish flair endowed her with an unwavering knack of getting in at the bottom time and time again.

By the time she died, she had amassed a collection of some 325 works, purchased for just $40,000, and by now worth billions. Art Addict explores it all, and we think it is an absolute must for all art lovers and collectors alike. Go watch!