Advice to Buyers

Research and analysis setting us apart from
 the competition

Beaumont Nathan advises buyers across the entire spectrum of the international art market. We advise on private sales and auction acquisitions as part of both short and long-term collecting strategies.

Unique within the industry, Beaumont Nathan conducts extensive due diligence and market analysis prior to any client purchase. We produce bespoke reports summarising our professional opinion regarding the quality, condition, provenance, market history, and value of each artwork, as well as our view of market conditions, hidden costs and further due diligence required.

We manage all negotiations and oversee both pre and post-sale logistics. We believe in transparency throughout the process: our fees are fixed, we only ever act for one side of a deal, and we never take a financial interest in a work of art.

Services to Buyers

  • Collection audits
  • Curatorial advice
  • Macro-collection strategy
  • Sourcing specific works of art
  • Art fair guidance
  • Buyer reports & insight
  • Valuation advice
  • Private sale negotiations & auction bidding
  • Pre-sale and post-sale management and logistics

Advice to Sellers

Finding the right solution for you and your
 art assets

Selling fine art is a complex process that raises many difficult questions: What are the market conditions? Is now the right time to sell? Auction or private sale? Christie’s or Sotheby’s? London or New York? Lot 1 or lot 50? Should the work be loaned to a museum? Are there hidden costs or export implications? Can I trust the advice I have been given?

Beaumont Nathan aims to maximize the value of our clients artwork at sale whilst ensuring their specific situational requirements are also considered. We provide each vendor with an impartial assessment of the relevant market conditions, as well as an evaluation of all available sale options and their implications. We advise on both the sale of individual works and larger collections, and handle all due-diligence, negotiations and logistics.

Services to Sellers

  • Collection audits and valuations
  • Market analysis and strategic advice
  • Seller reports & insight
  • Auction & private sale consignment negotiations
  • Arrangement of museum gifts & loans
  • Liaison with legal & other professional advisors
  • Liaison with heritage & taxation advisors
  • Pre-sale & post-sale management and logistics

Market Intelligence & Insight

Ground breaking art market analysis

The art market is renowned for its opacity. At Beaumont Nathan, we believe that our clients, whether buying or selling, should know exactly what is happening within the relevant sectors of the market before making any big decisions.

Consequently, Beaumont Nathan is delighted to announce an exclusive new partnership with leading art economist Dr Clare McAndrew of Arts Economics. Our groundbreaking research and data enables us to analyse the performance of each sector of the market in exceptional detail, as well as assess the performance of individual artists, detect underlying trends within each sector of the market, analyse the performance of auction houses within specific sectors and judge the performance of art versus other indices.

This innovative research puts Beaumont Nathan in a unique position within the industry and greatly enhances our ability to provide the most informed and expert advice available to our clients.

Collection Management

Logistical advice and assistance for our clients

Beaumont Nathan offers a wide range of collection management services, including collection audits, valuations, cataloguing, arranging museum and exhibition loans, long- term collection planning and acting as a liaison with legal and professional advisors.

We also offer curatorial assistance, including advice regarding shipping, import/export implications, research, framing, conservation, lighting, installation, security, and storage.

We manage all logistics and administration on behalf of our clients, charging on a fixed-fee basis.

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